Inner Circle Advocacy for Children serves Southern Maine, Seacoast New Hampshire and North Shore Massachusetts.

We provide special education advocacy and consulting services.

Need help navigating the special education process?
Let us help you find the essential services needed for your child’s right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Inner Circle Advocacy for Children

Works in Partnership with You:

  • To help you make informed choices for your child, by assisting in your understanding of educational rights and the available options for educational services and supports
  • To help you navigate the educational system, to ensure the appropriate services and supports are provided to your child

Is Committed to:

  • Understanding your child’s needs
  • Learning what is required of your school to meet your child’s needs under the law
  • Improving the effectiveness of your child’s educational team
  • Knowing available solutions to educational disputes


Special Education Services

Assist in preparation for IEP and Section 504 meetings

Request records and relevant procedural documents

Protect and preserve all documents received

Represent families in mediation, IEP and Section 504 meetings

Assist in case preparation for due process hearings

Communicate with hearing officers/mediators

Prepare case files for referral


Laws that Protect the Rights of Children with Disabilities to a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE):

  • Civil Rights Laws
  • Education Laws
  • Disability Laws
  • Privacy Laws

I came to this work after having raised a son with autism. Quinn is 20 years old as I write this. Diagnosed before the age of 2, my son moved from one end of the autism spectrum to the other.

Raising Quinn has been the most profound experience of my life. The struggle, which continues today, has defined me as a person. I feel my son has taught me more than I have taught him, humility being at the top of the list. Through humility, I developed strength and self-confidence. But most importantly, I found my voice.

It has been my privilege to use that voice to protect the legal and civil rights of other students with disabilities, and their families. I am here to empower parents who struggle to understand their child’s disability and to help them advocate for the educational resources their child is entitled to under the law.

I have a determination when it comes to special education advocacy, in part, because it helps heal the wounds of my own journey. I belong to an Inner Circle of support that is available to you and your child.